Home office from one day to the next because of Corona is a challenge. A lot has to be organized. Data protection should also be taken into account. Anyone can easily observe a few simple things. This often has a surprising effect…

Use of private devices only by arrangement

Home office does not work without IT. Anyone who has an office device available for this purpose may only use this device. The use of private devices requires an agreement with the employer, at least with the immediate superior. This does not necessarily have to be done in writing. But at least a short exchange of e-mails is useful. Private devices can entail additional risks for data protection, which would not exist at the usual workplace.

Especially important: updates and virus protection

Especially for private devices, the standard rules of data security must be observed. This includes, above all, regular updates! At the regular workplace, the IT department often takes care of this without you noticing anything. With private devices, everyone has to take care of it themselves. The same applies to virus protection.

Screensaver for data protection

A screensaver should be standard. Set it so that it „starts“ after a few minutes without activity. This ensures that family members and visitors cannot see any data. This is particularly important if you do not have a special room for the home office. Sometimes it helps to turn the screen a little so that not everyone who enters the room can see everything at once.

Pitfalls of the private telephone

Because reception is often better on a landline telephone, a surprisingly large number of people in the home office do not use their work mobile phone but their private telephone connection. It is often forgotten that there are call lists in every telephone. Sometimes this function can simply be switched off. Then the problem is solved. If this is not possible or not desired, it is necessary to delete the lists regularly. At least once a week this should be scheduled.

Keep paper documents safe!

In most cases, it is not possible to work completely without paper even in the home office. Those who take documents home from the regular office are responsible for them. A separate room for the home office remains a dream for many. But there is a lot to be gained by storing them in a locked cabinet/roller cabinet.

Eliminate waste paper in compliance with data protection laws!

Wherever paper is used, waste paper is also generated. Perhaps you have a small shredder in your home anyway. Regardless of whether it fully complies with the specifications for office equipment – it’s better than nothing. Under no circumstances should you put waste paper with personal data „just like that“ in your home paper bin.

Corona as a trigger for creativity?

But perhaps the home office also offers a good reason to switch from paper-based processes to electronic ones. This is surprisingly often possible. Corona can also be creative!